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You might consider yourself a master content marketer with a proven track record of creating and distributing valuable, authentic, and consistent content to your target audience. But how to choose the best content marketing packages could easily be the first significant thing bothering you when starting your own business.

How much should I charge for content marketing packages?

Simply put, there is no fixed amount for any content marketing task; it depends on the project itself. Before diving deep into the topic, let’s have a quick overview of content marketing from a holistic standpoint.

Content marketing is the present and future of marketing that leading brands worldwide are harnessing to create and circulate their content.

Apparently, both traditional and digital marketing are impossible prospects without great content. And a robust content marketing strategy becomes a benchmark in making your campaigns successful.

Do you have the framework to promote content?

When we talk about the framework, it primarily refers to the website’s design.

Often people wander around complaining that their content strategy isn’t performing. Remember that an aesthetically pleasing website, or blog, is vital for your content from the readers’ standpoint.

This is why content marketing experts often stress clients to create a custom design that complements their business/services’ nature and the essence of their target audience.

A particularly well-performing framework will cost you around $5,000 to $6,000.

If you think content marketing packages are too expensive, you can make them for less. But a bad-performing website comprising plain content and old-school static images may cost you $15,000 or more in the future.

Hence, ensure you invest well and for once if you want a top-performing website to last and get the results in the SERPs.

Cost of content strategy development

Seemingly, one of the foremost works done whenever a company tends to hire content marketing packages for their business.

Typically, a content strategist might charge you around $5,000 for strategy development. However, the price can go as high as $50 grand if you wish to pursue exceptional services and land yourself in the Fortune 500 circle.

Do understand that before determining the budget for your content strategy development, you need to be thorough with the goals you want to achieve.

Once you’ve outlined your goals, you can only then move forward to create the basic strategy. Importantly, proper planning can be the difference between success and failure.

Your content marketing strategy includes, but is not limited to, pieces of your existing content, target market analysis, goals and variable milestones, and a flexible content plan for your business/brand.

Besides these, a full-fledged editorial calendar is also essential to strategy development. The calendar will keep track of your entire content inventory, the status of each task, the number and names of resources involved, and the audience persona targeted.

All these elements merge, and content strategy development costs are finalized.

Cost of various types of content

Professional content creators and marketers have to deal with a plethora of types for any particular campaign. Let’s discuss the average cost of each content form that should help you decide your content strategy and budgeting.

What should be the cost of a blog post?

Easily, a common question often inquired by content creators as blog pieces are one of the most commonly used forms of content in most industries worldwide.

A blog post can range from $500 to $2,000. Then again, it depends on the nature and complexity of the topic, requirements, word count, and other preferences laid by the client.

Do understand that any excellent blog post isn’t produced without healthy ideation and execution behind it.

The content creator must have brainstormed plenty of topics, gone through competitors’ pieces, shortlisted the best ones, jotted down the sub-topics to cover, prepared the first draft, and revised it multiple before preparing the final copy, which you read.

Furthermore, besides the textual part, they must have discussed the topic and visual requirements with a designer, aligned the images and infographics with the content, and approved them by the client/manager.

Then you compare your work to what’s commonly obtained in a $150 amount—a 500 to 600-word piece written with next-to-zero research and stuffed with stocked photos on the web.

That’s the difference your post will make if you’re charging a $1,000 to $2,000 framework for creating valuable content.

What should be the cost of infographics?

Infographics, or any other kind of visuals, are often the most aesthetically pleasing elements in any content piece.

The idea is the same, put in ample research and create content. Only this time, the design part is the primary time consumer.

Any experienced designer will give you a real run for your money. A great infographic can cost you around $1,500 to $2,000, or even more.

A typical infographic takes around a couple of days or four at most. At the same time, an animated piece can extend up to a week.
The difference in time will also reflect in the cost, i.e., around $5,000 or more for an animated infographic.

The cost and time requirement is justified as an animator is required to put an image and overlapping textual content into action.

What should be the cost of videos?

Video marketing, one of the most sought-after digital marketing methods, easily costs a fortune. Still, big brands find it okay to spend $3,000 or more on a 1-minute video.

Obviously, the more complex and extended the video you want, the more expensive it gets. Then again, it all depends on the nature of the industry and the props and special effects the clients ask for in their brand.

And if you’re talking about talking heads or using popular influencers, the production costs can go higher to $6,000 or more.

What should be the cost of social media content?

I’ve written a separate post on the cost of social media marketing and management you can check out for an in-depth study.

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Typically, creating social media content takes between $1,000 and $5,000 per month. Just like other forms of content, social media content creation and marketing also depend on factors like the number of channels involved, frequency of posts, reporting, and ad spending being the important ones.

Content marketing models

Professionals and agencies can use various types of content marketing models to answer how much I should charge for content marketing.


Freelancers or independent contractors are easiest to connect with and can undertake a few pages of content to entire projects.

Depending on their experience, they might charge as much as $500 to $1,000 per blog post on a per-word basis.

As easy as it might seem to find, hunting the right individual can be difficult. Companies or solo blog owners should beware of freelancers offering cheap services for seasonal content creation. Remember, compromising the quality of your content is never worth it.


You’ll get the job done if you have an in-house team of dedicated content creators. Still, paying them their monthly salaries still counts as the cost of creating content and conducting marketing activities.

Many startups and small businesses aren’t fond of the idea of creating content in-house, as they’ll be required to hire a team of writers and digital marketers full-time or part-time.

Moreover, the cost of recruitment, training for inexperienced personnel, and per seat cost for each workday can pile up. A significant sum that not many business owners can pay.


The safest yet costly perspective is often working with a full-fledged content marketing agency.

Depending on their preferences, agencies mostly use a monthly pricing model according to the client’s budget, content marketing goals, and other indicators.

Experienced agencies will always sit down with potential clients, talk about their industry and expectations, and devise a roadmap to produce the best results at the given budget and milestones.

Final thoughts!

How much should I charge for content marketing packages is best answered when you start to pick small projects and gradually proceed on to become a full-fledged, notable content marketer.

You’ll get to know the digital marketing industry’s ins and outs, decide how to position your business, and determine your pricing model.


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