Google Spam Algorithm Update is Out!

Google spam algorithm update

Google rolled out a new update on 19th October, targeting fighting spam to search results worldwide.

Google Spam Algorithm Update

The search engine states that the update will take several days to roll out completely.

Exact details about the spam updates are rarely made public unless specific types of spam exist. For instance, the last year’s link spamming update made algorithms more competent at identifying and nullifying link spam.

These regular spam updates improve Google’s algorithms and their job of detecting spam in search results.

If you’re following the Google Search Essentials, previously known as Google Webmaster Guidelines, you must know that there’s not much to stress over the new October 2022 spam update.

How Google defines “spam”

If you don’t know anything about spam, Google won’t punish you for it. However, Google does have a strict definition of what it considers spam.

Spam mainly includes low-quality websites that deceive users into putting their personal information or installing and using malware.

Phishing activities and websites that trick search results by portraying them as high-quality websites are also spam.

Moreover, websites and thin content pages that offer little value may be considered spammy, although they might not fulfill Google’s spam checklist.

Such thin content pages will probably be affected by Google’s recent helpful content update.

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Google Search Essentials

Review the complete Google Search Essentials for a detailed overview of the definition of spam.

Despite some websites adhering to the guidelines of GSE, they are vulnerable to hacked spam. For instance, if your website is not adequately secured, it could be a spammed platform for users without knowing anything about it.

Additionally, suppose you have experienced a sudden drop in your website’s rankings after the October 2022 update. In that case, I’d advise you to inspect your website’s security and see if there are signs of a possible spam attack.

As a result, if a website is affected by a spam update, the pages and content will either fall in SERPs rankings or be removed from Google’s index.

Google spam algorithm update states that it could take months to recover from the negative influence of a spam update, given the website has worked to sufficiently adhere to Google’s guidelines and spam policies.


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