10 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs to Watch Out in 2021

pay per click affiliate programs

The top pay per click affiliate programs are some highly dynamic advertising models that businesses often use to segment their websites clearly, perform relevant keyword targeting, and importantly, stay ahead of their competitors in terms of quality audience and revenues. It’s all about paying for results, let it be your passive or business income.

Top pay per click affiliate programs

Prior to start talking about some of the best affiliate programs out there, let’s have a brief overview on their understanding and applicability.

Marketers and business owners acquire revenues from the clicks and impressions taken and leads generated by visitors navigating to their website.

The key to your affiliate marketing success is encouraging visitors to clicks and engaging with them through your advertising campaigns. However, before that, you decide your niche in which you intend to build up your audience.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the best pay per click affiliate programs to use, and what’s in store for the future of affiliate marketing.


If you want to create contextual ads for your audience from the Yahoo! Bing network, then Media.Net is the program for you.

Users can join the network free of cost. And after you receive a unique referral ID, you can then start promoting your business or personal website, social media page, or even a simple blog and make money whenever someone clicks on your referral link.

Being the 2nd largest advertising platform in the world which exclusively drives advertisers coming from the Yahoo! Bing ad marketplace, publishers enjoy access to over $6 billion worth of search demand of advertisers.

Why use Media.Net

The major reasons users opt for Media.Net is due to contextually relevant ads, strict account management, native ads, display to search (D2S) ad format, mobile responsive ads, and that it works peacefully with other ad networks too.


RevenueHits gives you access to more than 5,000 advertisers in a plethora of industries such as dating, coupons, shopping, mobile, gaming and entertainment, lead generation, travel, and softwares.

Moreover, it is one of the best commissions per click provider, and the minimum payment limit is $500 for wire transfers, and $20 for PayPal and Payoneer.

Through RevenueHits referral program, users can reach out to publishers like affiliate marketers, bloggers, and email marketers to sign up for free. In doing so, you earn up to 10% of their earnings over a 12-month period.

Why use RevenueHits?

RevenueHits offers multiple benefits including providing a wide array of pricing models like CPA, CPI, CPL, and CPM; over 5000 names in the advertising chunk; free pre signup and prompt setup; etc.

In short, it is one of the best pay per click affiliate programs to turn your digital assets into consistent income channels.


Being one of the leading content monetization platforms, publishers use the Skimlinks referral program to acquire a lucrative 35% of what the platform earns over a year for every publisher referred.

The platform offers a variety of promotional items like disclosure badges, text, and custom banner ads for you to promote their program and make money through a referral role.

The platform disburses payments through PayPal or Direct Deposit to publishers holding US and UK bank accounts.

However, if you’re located outside these regions, then you’ll get your payment through PayPal only. The minimum payment threshold is $10 and run through a Net-90 basis.

Why use Skimlinks?

As an affiliate user, you acquire 75% of the revenue produced by the platform; if you’re a WordPress user, you can use a plugin that allows you to integrate Skimlinks with your website; and you can easily convert the user product preferences into authentic affiliate links.


How about using the Infolinks referral program and referring new users and earning 12% of their revenues for a 1-year period?

Infolinks provides access to a wide range of banners that you can use as an affiliate and promote their ads to make money.

The platform allows publishers to use some of the major ad formats including InFold, InScreen, InArticle, InText, InFrame, and InTag. You can use these ad formats to monetize your website’s content through unique ad units driven by relevant user intent.

Why use Infolinks?

The platform uses a smart ad unit targeting system to display relevant ads on your website, offers a variety of ad formats, and mobile ads to monetize your mobile traffic.

Being the 3rd largest publisher marketplace, serving over 100,000 websites globally, and 240 million unique monthly visitors, Infolinks provides a stable revenue source, safe use of technology, strong account management, and most importantly, a top user experience.


Adblade is a content-styled ad platform that helps advertisers reach more than 300 million unique monthly visitors across numerous branded websites.

The platform is preferred by users who wish to utilize a powerful tracking and reporting system that incorporates everything from real-time reporting to gathering data related to the total impressions, CTR, CPA, and CPC registered and more.

However, do note that Adblade doesn’t release payment if your earning is less than $100, and the payment is done through PayPal.

Why use Adblade?

More than 300,000 websites are using Adblade to monetize their content, a large cluster of advertisers, offering quality display ad requirements such as standard IAB units and Adblade’s News Bullet—a premium unit guaranteeing 3x performance, and access to real time reporting are some of the major reasons why bloggers should consider using the platform to make a decent source of online income.


Outbrain is one of the premium level pay per click affiliate programs that help bloggers promote sponsored content and make money.

Users can use the platform for sponsored content, audience exchange, similar audiences, traffic dynamics, and native engagement server as an affiliate to make some healthy money for their websites.

Apparently, more than 1 billion people discover content, products, and services according to their intent. Outbrain helps the core stack of advertisers, bloggers, and media companies connect with their target audiences and discover the web’s preferred discovery feed.

Why use Outbrain?

Being a specialist in native advertising, the platform doesn’t make your ads see like typical display and banner ads, but integrate them naturally into published content pieces.

Outbrain helps you display your ads in search and promoted listings, “In-Feed” ads in social media platforms, suggested content pieces, and video recommendations.


Adsterra is a top digital advertising platform, one of the most well-known PPC networks, that allows bloggers to monetize their website.

The platform’s referral program encourages users to earn 5% of the revenues produced by the publishers you referred, for lifetime.

Adsterra pays twice a month, provide monetizing opportunities through display banners, popunders ads, push ups, interstitials, slider ads, and direct links.

Users can avail various payment options including PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Paxum, and ePayments. While the minimum amount is $100 and $1,000 for Wire Transfers.

Why use Adsterra?

Adsterra offers performance-based solutions for advertisers, bloggers, and media partners; 100% fill rate for all ad formats; no language barriers; and the platform can be used alongside other monetization programs like AdSense, Infolinks, and so on.

Furthermore, strict account management, powerful security, real-time statistics, and easy conversion tracking and tempting CPMs makes Adsterra one of the best affiliate programs out there.


Another popular name in the ad network industry, Taboola serves more than 450 billion content recommendations to over 1.4 billion monthly unique visitors around the globe.

Both advertisers and publishers use the platform to make money through sponsored content, videos, etc. across apps, newsletters, websites, and other platforms.

Taboola provides a variety of ad unit that is especially applicable for video content to earn money. Moreover, the platform has a unique feature, User Visit Value, which is used to calculate the effectiveness of your campaign.

In doing so, the URL is tagged with UTM codes in order to pull more traffic to your website and enhance your earnings. All the payments are disbursed to Payoneer accounts, and you get your revenues 45 days after the end of the service month.

Why use Taboola?

Taboola gives valuable, actionable data insights, A/B testing and related notifications; permits users to exchange audiences with partners and third party websites; and monetize your video content easily.


Bidvertiser is a direct advertising platform that not only promises, but delivers in bridging the gap between advertisers and publishers through powerful campaign optimization and transparency.

Users can use state-of-the-art ad technology and real-time optimization, utilizing historical and current data, and make informed decisions about their ad targeting campaigns.

Bidvertiser allows you to monetize everything in the range of websites, toolbars, and extensions for mobile apps and domains.

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs we have discussed in this list, Bidvertiser encourages users to withdraw money through PayPal, Payza, Wire Transfer and check, even if you make a mere $10 amount.

Why use Bidvertiser?

The platform offers a wide range of ad formats including popunders, banner ads, sliders, direct links, XML. JSONP, and programmatic to name a few.

Moreover, you can acquire access to 100% safe ads and monetize even the least number of website traffic. And target your ad as precisely as possible through a completely segmented traffic.


MintClicks is a populated, yet rewarding marketplace for publishers to sell their content, banners, POP ads, and interstitial ads to advertisers.

The platform uses automatic keyword detection and matches ad delivery to put relevant, lucrative PPC ads on your website. And offers multiple payment options like PayPal, Credit Card, and Wire Transfer.

MintClicks also gives users the liberty to customize ad code styles to fit well with their website design, eventually, monetizing the incoming traffic in a quick fashion.

Why use MintClicks?

MintClicks offers the lowest cost PPC and CPM advertising and great payouts than the other top names in the advertising network. Users can hit geographically targeted audiences through keyword and category based text and banner PPC ads.

You get paid 95% of the advertisers’ fees through attractive, relevant ad display units aligning well with your content and website design.

How will pay-for-outcome models impact affiliate marketing?

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, influencers are often seen in trade publications surrounded by the drama related to lasting affiliate marketing programs.

Journalists have started to speculate the bad blood between influencers and affiliate marketing programs, campaign suspensions, and evolving compensation models.

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However, as the case with most things in the digital media realm, there is more to comprehend than what may originally meet the eyes. A prominent shift can be seen for retail marketers inclining more towards diversified programs and moving away over-relying on the last clicks.

At the same time, professional influencers are acknowledging to low upfront campaign fees by nodding towards pay-for-outcome compensation models.

Nevertheless, this shift is breeding a new relationship for the years to come.


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